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here you can read some kind words from other incredible human beings I had the pleasure to accompany.

Before you dive in, I’d like to give you a little recommendation.

Read these stories to get inspired and to get an idea of what coaching can do for you but don`t fall into the trap of looking for proof that I’m the one that makes your dreams come true.

This is in your hand, always.

No coach in the world can do the work for you, but if you’re ready, he can help you to do the work with you. If you feel excited and a little unsure whether to start your own journey with me, trust your intuition. I’ve changed my own life and the lives of others, but in the end it is always the result of actions we all have to do.

I am already excited about your own journey and how I can help you to spread your wings so you can create what you want.

Start a new business, reinvent it, find your life purpose, create a better relationship with yourself or others, tap into more wealth and abundance. I am open for you. I promise to serve you powerfully. It will be joyful and exciting and it will be uncomfortable and emotional at times.

It will be a journey of truth and coming home.


Lifestyle Photographer

Magical, Powerful , Deep

Ana’s Success Story

“Hanna is very talented. She has the ability to connect with your “unofficial” self so easily, it feels magical.

I feel Hanna is not a generic Coach with one method that suits all, but is actually a very talented person, able to connect and help at a very personal level.

She is excellent at pointing out the exact issues that exist and I felt like she connected with me on an extraordinary level.

I felt like she honestly cared about me dreaming and funny enough dreaming is a big part of my life, so it was pretty amazing to be able to talk to someone about it. You are a beautiful person Hanna.

Thank you for being so willing to help and using your gift to lift and encourage others.”

Charlotte’s Success Story



Hanna is a sensitive personality who asks exactly the right questions at the right moment. She completely opens up a space for you and reflects without judging, completely detached, without any moral teachings.

She shows that the universe is limitless, dreams and visions can and should be lived out – a life in uniqueness is not too much, but just right.

She gives you very powerfully loving guidance. She supports you to feel inside yourself, free from external influences.

Hanna, I thank you for special moments and your refreshing spirit.

All the best



Spiritual being,

extraordinary Women & outstanding Model

also known from GNTM 2020



Very much inspiring

 Founder & Coach of 3A Coaching & Training


Antoni ’s Success Story


 I have more clarity about what I want for myself and my business and I feel more confident that I can make my biggest dreams come true. I have increased my level of clarity regarding my business plans and ideas. Hanna helped me to take action and provided very helpful discussions, challenges and insights into my way of approaching things. 

I learnt a lot about which areas I can focus on to reach my goals. And that I got a lot of energy out of a session, which I love about Coaching with Hanna. 

The Investment was definitely worth it, as I feel that I’m on a good way to reach my desired goals and that Hanna is addressing the right elements to help me make it happen. I couldn’t get those insights from just my own self-reflection or reading a book or taking a course. I look forward to continuing my journey with her. 

The Coaching is a big value, because self-pushing is just not as effective as a push by a great Coach, like her.

Hanna has a “head to toe” approach in her Coaching with a wide range she can cover depending on the client. That’s very cool & powerful.

Isabella’s Success Story 


I have had a lot of Coachings already and met a lot of Coaches, but Hanna’s Coaching is so very very special and brilliant. I felt so seen in ways I have not seen nor experienced myself ever before. Hanna coaches in her very own unique and powerful way. I am impressed by her sheer clarity as well as her ability to deeply perceive and encourage her client. Hanna symbolizes pure radiance, power and happiness.

My Coaching experience with Hanna was simply incredible and I would love to learn from her. I felt so deeply touched and it affected me in so many ways. It taught me to raise more awareness of my “being too much” and allowing myself to love and share this quality with the world, instead of hiding it and making myself smaller than I am. It encouraged me to live in awareness of my power and passion, which I experience as moments of profound joy, strength and vibrancy. Our Coaching taught me to expand and enjoy these moments more often and find my path into my vocation from this happy place.

Right after our Coaching I felt so carried – everything that normally takes so much of my energy seemed to just flow and happen by itself.


Thank you so much for all of this!

Isabella Rinck

 Online conference Host

Deep. Transformational. Clear.


Yoga Teacher & Mala Designer

Deep. Supportive. Life-changing.

Victoria’s Success Story

“3 years development in only 3 months.

This coaching journey was important and life-changing for me.”

The coaching with Hanna, which went much deeper after a short time than I would have thought in the beginning, was inspiring, supportive and helped me exactly with the topics I am currently dealing with. Hanna recognized and acknowledged my potential and gave me instruments and methods so that I could bring this potential to the surface. I was given the chance to develop further, to recognize my greatness, to show myself and start to manifest my dreams.

I have a completely different perspective on certain things than I did 3 months ago. Within the Coaching period I have already realized my first dream: from the first Session of my Workshop creation to the eighth Session of my Workshop implementation.
My first workshop was fully booked in no time and people started to save spots for my second workshop before I even started to advertise for it.Also I was able to find my truth and live by it within my private and family life. I am not afraid anymore to speak my truth and show my greatness – this is a huge progress for me.

I found myself on a harmonious professional path of life within such a short period of time. This Coaching with Hanna is a real activator! Every Session came as a surprise to me and I could hardly believe what topics came up and how deep we went. Hanna’s Coaching Sessions are so clear, precise and special, that I was able to apply it directly to my life. She empathized so deeply with me and my situation, which is why my insights and realizations were so suitable and applicable. I now know who I am and what I have to do in order to step into my power. I am surprised that it went so deep so quickly. And that I can take concrete tools with me to put my themes into action.  I am thrilled by her sense of liberty and her expression of “having arrived in life”.

A big thank you to Hanna for already seeing in me what I still find difficult to see.”


Joana’s Success Story

“Hanna asks the right questions without being afraid of “uncomfortable” questions.

In my first session I felt a huge lump in my throat and was hardly able to express that I could be self-employed.

Already during my first session everything changed. I took the decision to become self -employed by doing what I really love.

After another two Sessions I already had two clients and several requests. Within a very short period of time I gave more than 50 Sessions and was living my vocation as never before.

As a single-mother I am challenged in my daily life in terms of setting priorities – for myself and for my child.
Thanks to Hannas amazing guidance in my coaching journey the way of choosing priorities changed – which also brought more clearity, focus, ease and joy into my and my child’s life.

Thanks to my coaching journey I stepped into my power and took the courage to really go for it!
I started to value my work, I found my current value for a session which feels absoloutly right to me.

I am more and more able and ready to position myself and step into the world with deep love, gratitude and grace.

I am Joana. powerful, strong, playful, vulnerable, dance-like, wild and aware.

The coaching has strengthened my trust in me!

I now have the confidence that we all have a unique gift and only we can bring it into the world this way and it makes absolutely no sense to compare!

Thank you very much for you.”


combines Yoga & Dance with Bodywork
Clear, Crisp, Safe

Christina Wechsel

Keynote Speaker, Alternative Practitioner / Healer, Coach

Life-changing & Legendary

Christina’s Success Story

“Your coaching has cleared a sky draped in clouds (I “think” in pictures and comics), where light can shine on a certain thing. A topic that has bothered me over and over again and that I have needed support with to put it in a new perspective.

Hanna has shown me a way to shift this topic. I left our coaching full of joy and with a great ease and am already looking forward to our next one. Hanna has served me instead of trying to please me and didn`t just say what I wanted to hear. I am very grateful.

Afterwards I gave a Coaching myself and felt so much in my power that I was able to give my most powerful session ever.”


Eva’s Success Story

“Hanna has created a wonderful atmosphere, a space of love and empowerment.

She expresses a loving and powerful energy that touches me very much and she was able to reveal my professional, existential fears.

I especially appreciated her view of my situation. Of the job I do.

The alleged security that this job offers me. And how I lose this security in reality, since I really lose myself. I gained a whole new perspective on my professional situation.

Hanna is a wonderful coach who is able to point out to you what you already know deep inside and she knows how to put all of this into words and lovingly points it out to you. She truly encouraged me on my way.

I love the glow in Hanna`s eyes. Her openness. Her appreciation. Hanna, you’re gorgeous. I feel infinite love for you.

And I hope so much that we will meet again, that we will work together, in whatever way. You are a sister. I see that so clearly! I am so proud of the space we have entered. The trust. The love that flowed & will continue to flow.

love love love”

Eva Lara

Meditation Leader, Yoga Teacher, Self-Love Coach
Magnificent, Loving, Valued


Intense, Complete, Brilliant

Mareike’s Success Story

“What I love about Hanna as a Coach: Her clarity. Her intuition. She sees. Her overall view without missing the smallest detail.

Hanna is such a clear mirror to me. Detached from all movies, patterns, problems, blockages, shadows and emotions.

She sees my essence shining through and accompanies me in recognizing it myself more and more. I have always been able to realize that I am the woman of my life, that I have everything I want and that I can create everything for myself.

Coaching is like looking into a mirror for me. Accompaniment in the present moment, past and future. A support to go further than one would do alone.  To be held by the hand. To hear yourself, to see yourself and to learn to acknowledge yourself.

What I’m taking with me: Your clarity. Your appreciation. Your seeing me. Your breathing technique, which I want to integrate into my daily life.

Hanna, you are a great guide through my own life!

Fabian’s Success Story

“The Coaching with Hanna allowed me to learn to treat mistakes and weaknesses as growth and to forgive myself more.

I am grateful to Hanna for the clarity of my vocation and that I can direct my energy in this direction.

Hanna personally inspired me with her way and brought me forward, when I didn’t even know that she was a Coach. Her vocation has inspired and attracted me myself. Hanna sees energies and strengths in you that you don’t see yourself and strengthens you with full passion.

I have definitely gained more trust in myself through our Coaching. 

And I am proud of my inner intuition, which I will give a higher value to in the future. 

I am fascinated by how professionally Hanna leads the Coaching and how seriously she takes everything that is said of her.

You are not judged by her for anything, and she listens to you and encourages you to rethink if you are open to it. I have gotten to know myself better in many areas and I am already sure that I will be able to approach many things better in the future. 

Hanna brings out the very best in me, thank you very much. 

You are a wonderful woman, an outstandingly loving mother and wife and an inspiration full of optimism.”


Awakening unexpected energies

Lotta’s Success Story

I felt very caught up in old emotions and relationships. My heart was so heavy and full of anger. Hanna is such a radiant woman that I knew she would be able to give me something.

My heart finally feels soft and open again and that’s exactly what  I have wished for. By breathing together I immediately felt so connected to Hanna and at the same time was able to feel myself so strong. Magic.

I am thrilled by Hanna’s wide gaze. About how she floats like a bird above everything and recognizes something bigger.The radiance that shines out of her and pumps warmth and understanding into my heart.

Wow, I truly felt forgiveness with all my heart. And to be able to believe in the power in me and in my heart again. I have felt so incredibly held and seen. Everything was allowed and every emotion was perfect. The valuable wisdom and clarity Hanna showed me, moved me a lot. I could step out of old patterns and look at myself and my situation in a new perspective.To feel myself and my strength has been such a powerful experience.

Thank you.


Songwriter & Soulsinger
Moving, Protected, Vitalizing


Vegan Coach, Author and Businessman

Peffe’s Success Story

“That was awesome!

I already have my wife as a wonderful Coach by my side. However, we separate relationship and Coaching at home, because otherwise it doesn’t feel good for me.

I am also one of those people who sometimes get in the way of their very pronounced ego.

You can say that I myself am my biggest fan. That’s why I always thought that I didn’t need a Coach anymore and that I was gifted with similar abilities as Chuck Norris.

But after Hanna discovered my biggest fear in just one session and showed me a clear path, I finally see it differently.

Thank you, dear Hanna, that was really awesome!”

Vera’s Success Story

“Thank you for being a no-bullshit-woman.

Thank you for the clarity, the truth and your straightness.

With Hanna as my coach I am thrilled by her clarity and how she gets to the point so fast and blatantly.

I am grateful for the clarity and tidiness I feel now after the coaching.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


Life Coach
Powerful. Clarifying. Straight ahead.

Lina’s Success Story

“I have experienced very lovingly that someone believes in me!

I learned new ways of thinking and new beliefs.

I am very grateful to Hanna that she was always there for me and especially for the clarity she brought to me. You can feel her devotion to her profession in every session.

The Coaching with Hanna was also a weekly loving reminder of why I am a likable person. 

I achieved all my goals and Hanna was always there for me when I needed her.

Thank you very much Hanna for your everlasting presence and your loving optimism to see the good in me and to show it to me! Thank you for your inspiration and enthusiasm, for your appreciation and your naturalness!”


Midwife and Mother
Focused, Goal-oriented, Loving


Flowery, Cheerful, Deep

Jasmin’s Success Story

“My self-confidence and my self-worth has become much stronger through this Coaching Journey.

I was deeply touched. Hanna was able to recognize all my insecurities and feelings and look at them. I always felt comfortable and in good hands and was allowed to rebuild my self-esteem from the inside out. Views have changed in a way I would not have expected and the coaching has once again shown me very clearly how thought patterns and views can be changed. So beautiful and so relieving!

I was able to achieve all goals and much more.

Being able to show myself with everything was always a miracle to me. I felt how I could let go of topics during the Coaching by changing the perspective on them.

In my Coaching sessions as well as via WhatsApp Support I always got the right support, I felt carried and accepted.

I am grateful for Hanna’s constant warm nature and although I was sometimes worried about approaching her with certain things, but she always answered me with such a deep love. That was always very touching for me.

I am delighted by her very open and inspiring nature and what I simply love is that Hanna accompanies so many people and yet I have always experienced her in such a powerful way! Thank you for what you give yourself and others. It is a great enrichment for everyone.

Coaching with Hanna is a support in life in transforming stages of life to me.  A great support that you can simply treat yourself to and that is definitely worth the investment.

Thank you”

Katharina’s Success Story


The journey of the wild and tender lioness

When I started my journey with Hanna I was at the end of my coaching training in Positive Psychology. I knew I wanted to be accompanied further, and after a first coaching I knew I wanted to do this with Hanna.

Hanna could see something in me from the beginning that I had no intention of showing her. So it happened that Hanna led me into my true gift and calling: Coaching through, and being connected to, the spiritual world.

She saw and sees my power, my wildness and the essence of my tenderness.  All connected to each other, like their own  powerful universe. Hanna challenged me exactly where I could grow. Intuitively she knew my next steps on my path and challenged me to expand my boundaries.  Lovingly but determinedly she stayed with it and pushed me in the right direction. This was exactly what I needed. With H anna’s help I found the courage to give my first coachings with the connection to the spiritual world. It felt like a great awakening for me to live my true gift. I thank Hanna from the bottom of my heart for believing in me when I still doubted myself, and for seeing my full size and power when I made myself small.

Unbelievable what transformation I was able to experience in the last three months thanks to Hanna. At that time I was not sure how I should continue after my coaching training. Today I am making my way to self-employment with courage, strength and self-confidence. 

Through Hanna I have found the courage not only to see my path, but also to go it. Thank you Hanna, you inspiring, powerful, beautiful “too much Woman”, for seeing me and lovingly and surely reminding me who I want to be. 

You are a great gift to this world.


Art therapist, Coach and Mother

pure. loving. deep

Chidinma Anais


Deep, Light, Good

Chidinma’s Success Story

The Coaching with Hanna was WONDERful! I felt so safe and comfortable during our Session.

Hanna has the ability to create a space to connect with yourself on a deeper level, allowing you to see what wants to be seen.

I was able to connect with myself on such a deep level and recognize myself for who I really am – I realized what wants to be lived by me and what I am ready to let go of. Thanks to my Coaching with Hanna I was able to gain more clarity about my life, myself and how I want to live this life. I was reminded how good, important and self-empowering it is to pause for a moment and reconnect with what is truly inside of me. To observe and feel what it is that I feel and who I am.

The Coaching taught me that I do not need any outer structure in order to gain pure happiness and satisfaction. I really felt that there is something inside of me that I want to indulge in – that I want to live everyday intuitively and take time to feel inside me every morning – allowing myself to feel completely free, to dance, to move, to laugh, to take care of myself. To live a life that allows me to feel better than ever.

One very important step on this way is to let go of my fears and to transform them in order to live with ease and simply trust in life – to truly love myself, to nurture the basis of my Yoga Bussines, to be true and to fully surrender.

I am so thankful to Hanna for the conscious breathing exercise we practiced at the beginning of our Session – it invited me to listen inside myself and open up to what was to come.

Thank You so much dear Hanna for this Session!


Client Satisfaction

Years Coaching Experience


Individual Guidance

What others experts say

As a coach, Hanna is 100% with the coachee, asks the right questions at the right time and is very appreciative and authentic.

She is like a surfer who always rides the right wave.
You can learn a lot about appreciation and depth from Hanna.

The connection she makes online is hard to find even in real life.

Richard Seidl
Berater, Coach & Speaker

Hanna is uncompromising in her desire to facilitate growth for the people around her. She shows commitment that is second to none and she loves leaning into her edge while taking her clients to places where they never imagined they could go.
I have had my coaching business for the past 7 years. Still, witnessing Hanna’s journey over the past 2 years or so and seeing her grow into the masterful coach she is today has been deeply inspiring to me!
Her commitment to excellent coaching and her fierce desire to crush any limitations make the coaches around her level up their game.

Jan Broders
Executive Life Coach, University Lecturer & Speaker

I had the honor to be coached by Hanna in the context of our international mastermind group of coaches in which we come together to learn from each other and to hone our craft. As I have received a lot of coaching in my life before, I can say with absolute certainty that Hanna is exceptional – she represents this rare combination of bubbly energy and transformative depth. Her coaching opened me on many levels and allowed me to process some long-held emotions. Her style of coaching is powerful, deep and effortless. Try it out and learn from her – you will walk away more inspired, more confident and ready to rise.

Kathrin Fox
Women Empowerment Coach & Soulbiz Strategist

Hanna is unique. Hanna hears between the lines of unsaid and at the same time she takes what is spoken unspeakably beautifully into words and magically combines it to create a new, often surprising perspective for the person with whom she is in contact at that moment. I believe that the world needs more people who allow themselves to be MORE than what their own system thinks they are allowed to be. The world needs more coaches who coach from the heart and uniquely, like Hanna does.

Sandra Ludwig
Intuitive Coach

You don't need Coaching

Nobody needs coaching. But it serves everyone.
Coaching is a life-changing experience and I don’t know of anything like it, which holds the mirror in front of your eyes, looks into your soul, challenges your thoughts and reminds you almost daily of your power and thereby allows you to live your dream.

but why you might still want to look into it...