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‘She is a Mother and a Coach. She calls herself a
“too much woman” as she experienced that pain
of not being “right” in the past.
Growing up with this gift of being excited
but never having someone to create a safe space to hold her, telling her she is perfect as she is, but instead saying things like “you are too much,
you talk too much, your energy is too high, calm down..” and so on.

So she felt wrong and because Hanna grew up in
very poor circumstances (asking for food or money
in the neighborhood because of an empty fridge) she and her 4 siblings felt kind of lost and not worthy.

She decided to change her life, not living in scarcity anymore.
Hanna did everything she could to get herself out of this situation. She got herself a great Coach and eventually became a powerful Coach herself as this was always Hanna’s true and inner passion – her gift, her love and her life.

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Speak the truth, even if your voice is shaking.

Hanna Augenstein is a high class Coach, Mother, Entrepreneur, Visionary and she loves challenges.

She is passionate, enchanting and inspiring. She coaches men and women who are longing for more from life, couples who are on the edge of breaking up and Coaches who finally want to show their passion to the world. As a Speaker her main Topics are:
the pain of not feeling “right”,
excitement as a gift and a shadow,
the process of starting her business and totally nailing it,
infidelity in relationships
and the power of revealing your true greatness and shining it into this beautiful word.

Hanna Augenstein

Personal Empowerment Coach

What the Audience says:

Sonja Beatrice

From the moment Hanna starts talking she is diving into the authentic presence and emotion of her topic and is shining her light throughout the whole room.

By creating comparisons and situations everyone can relate to and identify with, Hanna catches everyone’s deep attention. Hannas clear and soft voice allows the audience to not just listen to her words but actually really feel them vibrate within their body. The whole body is listening – ears, eyes, heart and soul. 

She is a true fire, transporting her sparks towards the listeners to light a fire within themselves. A fire filled by power, emotion and joy.


Hanna caught my attention with her amazing radiance right away. She is very attractive, self-confident and feminine.

I would definitely recommend Hanna, since I very much enjoy her authentic presence. You can really feel that she believes in what she says and also lives by her words. Hanna has a very expressive personality.

I loved to listen to and watch Hanna. Her story was very fascinating to me. It is super courageous to let go of everything and go on a journey. Since I share most of Hannas beliefs on the subject, hearing her speech was very inspirational. Keep up the great work Hanna.

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