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1:1 Coaching for powerful human beings


This Coaching is for extraordinary, powerful, strong and wild women who are tired of fitting in as they are born to stand out.

“We deliver high class Coaching – an exclusive, individual and unique support & encourage passionate women who are longing to live their prestigious managerial capacity.

Hanna Augenstein

Personal Coach for galatic bold human beings


This Coaching is for magical human beings who cherish values such as being unfiltered, impactful, bold, in balance, passion and devotional. It is for those who are tired of hiding their true inner greatness and finally want to show themselves and shine bright and wide. Not giving a sip about what others could think of them as they do it for themselves and for those to whom they can serve so powerfully.

It is for those who are often told to “calm down,

stop being too much, stop being bossy and

can’t you just be normal”. 

This Coaching is for people who are eager to be bold in order to live and own their true power.


It is an exclusive and rare combination of leadership and liberation. This Coaching is distinguished by its close support and the capacity of maintaining your self-reliance. It re-instructs you not only to listen but to connect to your intuition on a deeper level. It gives you the confidence and liberty to create the impact you desire and hence to make the world a better place.


Those beings long for a deep inner peace and the feeling of coming home. They so often felt wrong as all of them are absolutely passionate and bouncy beings who enjoy to lead and to speak. For a long time they tried to hide this innate attitude of being a “bossy ”. This Coaching empowers them to not only own this appearance but instead also use this gift to help other strong and powerful human beings.

Money Love

To get paid for their main job is quite normal for them. To ask for money for what they do out of passion however, such as coaching people, offering specialised yoga workshops or giving an intense body art session, often gives them the feeling of being an impostor. This Coaching provides a unique and powerful depth, that allows you to dive into the real and true reason of why there is a huge need to not only ask for money for your passion but to find your own value without comparing it to the outer world.

The Bridge

Those human beings have a stable and grounded lifestyle, yet they are all longing to have more impact with what they are able to do and to give. This would allow them to maintain their bouncy personality and furthermore stop them from feeling uncomfortable. This Coaching helps them to heal old wounds, create powerful beliefs and step into what is true for them. It gives them the freedom to be bold and thrive for the biggest dreams a girl can have. And to finally reach them.

It is a Coaching concept by Hanna Augenstein a powerful, strong, wild, passionate and bouncy woman who decided to not fit in but eventually stand out.

I am not a woman but I really want to enroll


This concept is written from a deep place in my heart. I decided to simply write from my soul and this is what you read here. BUT gender does not matter to me as a category of a human being. I rather care about what YOU feel. 

Mostly women are attracted to this Coaching but if you are not a woman or if you identify yourself as a gender I do not know, I am so open for you as long as you have one thing: the deep desire that this is for you and the feeling that you truly want to commit to it.

ARE YOU READY to stand out and be more of what you already are?

Then get off your sweet ass and contact Hanna’s Team.

We are ready for you!

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” ― Ian Wallace.

Many ways lead to success, but each one starts with a first step.

Nobody is born perfect. We all have our unique path towards our very own success.

I would be honored to take it with you.