Coaching is not a quick way to make Money- It is a passion & profession.



If you feel you wanna embody who you are when you show up fully,

this is for you.

No hiding and no petting the excuses.

Nobody can be and coach like you!

And this is where the pure power starts.

No blueprint, no step by step concept but exploring and discovering this incredible, powerful coach within you!

This is a 1:1 Apprenticeship.

We will dive into your world deeply.

We will cry, laugh, hug and unleash the divine coach, living inside you.

Waiting for us to let her out.




❂ Hanna is the Business Owner of H.A. Coaching & Academy, with
over 10 years of Coaching experience.

❂ Hanna is the breadwinner of her gorgeous family, originally coming from a place of scarcity and begging for food in the neighbourhood, to nowproviding her own family with whatever they need.

❂ She undergoes supervision regularly to ensure 100% high class coaching quality.

❂ She works with a unique and incredible team to treat both the business and clients extraordinarily powerful.

❂ Hanna has a wide and galactic network of other incredible Master Coaches, PR Managers, Authors, Summit Hosts, TED X Speakers, CEO‘ s, Models and more, and all these Souls are linked powerfully.


❂ H. A. Coaching and Academy offers one of the most individual, exciting and magnificent coaching and certificated apprenticeships on the planet.

❂ She is a master of self nourishment, and so she works 3 out of 4 weeks, Most of her clients implement this unique and impactful way to support their inner queen.

❂ She was the Community Manager of a international high class Masterclass [Jan Broders MC].

❂ She is obsessed with finding her own inner truth and is equally determined to facilitate her clients to do the same.

❂ She has her own powerful ritual to reset herself before each coaching in order to listen to her clients truly, deeply and from a place of trust.

❂ She loves vegan dishes, red lipstick and is a huge fan of Marvel’s- „The Avengers“ and a big fan of her daughter Naida Moon.

This powerful and magical apprenticeship is for Coaches and future Coaches who:

   ❂ wanna serve by heart

   ❂ are  enthusiastic and passionate individuals

    ❂ have previous experience in the field of coaching/therapy/consulting/personal development or

   ❂ have a talent for seeing, feeling and understanding people and  know deep inside that coaching is their passion

    ❂ are looking for a coach who is at their side, no matter what 

    ❂ want to know how creating clients can be joyful and how it can grow deep out of your truth of giving and serving

    ❂want a coach who goes with you on the exciting journey to your own truth

    ❂ are ready to dive into their rich and honest feelings

    ❂ are willing to show themself so that Hanna as your coach can see and feel you

    ❂ do not feel inspired by normal “Sale Funnel” marketing concepts and  want to create their very own “Heaven Funnel”

    ❂ want to know how you as a coach can get great, honest and brilliant feedback from your clients


    ❂ want the client creation to be a lot of fun

    ❂ are ready to give themselves the highest value

    ❂ want to know what a wonderful world is behind “Money Love” and how you can lovingly and honestly take clients who limit themselves by their own limits by hand

    ❂ can hardly wait to welcome their clients to their wonderful anddeeply appreciated coaching practice or

    ❂ want to question their existing coaching concept and create it as new from a deep space of their soul, heart and mind

    ❂ really feel like going on an intense, exciting, galactic and magical journey  

    ❂ are willing to invest time, love and money in themselves

    ❂ can`t wait to have an insight into Hanna`s coaching practice, which will lead you into the meta level during the sessions with you, to show you the rationale of how she works 

    ❂ want a  personalized training, which will bring out your intuition, your coaching quality, your tools and much more

Listen to some very emotional feedback:

Sonja is a apprentice at H.A. Coaching & Academy

Before I started the Academy Training to become a Coach, I told myself so many never ending stories why things are how they are, why there’s drama, and why it must be difficult. And now there’s just peace. It‘s just me and who I am in truth, as a human being, a mother, a daughter, a sister and especially as a coach. 

When I look back, my life since I worked with Hanna has by far the most profound relevance. Since then, I have truly found myself, my truth, essence and soul.

You can fall into Hanna’s arms full of love and always feel carried, held and seen. No matter what is there. And with Hanna I have the certainty that she always challenges me when it serves me. And at the same time I know that it will never be more than I am ready to endure.  

It’s truly magical what miracles Hanna has created for me as a coach.

The intensity and process speed that I have experienced during my apprenticeship with Hanna are magical and this clearly sets her coaching apart from anything I have experienced with other coaches. The fact that Hanna is simply always there solves so much so quickly.

In order to be able to really integrate my topics into my everyday life and to be able to heal deeply, Hanna is indispensable for me. She is the muse who allows me to draw from everything, to be nourished and learn.

 You will learn to truly serve &

to create impact


Coaching is a relationship business

– not a sales marketing business


I’m a new coach — is this for me?

Whether you are new to coaching or have coached for years, you will certainly uplevel during this powerful apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship is often taken by coaches who have already completed a conventional coaching qualification. But they don’t know how to get started,  what kind of coach they actually are, what their strengths as a coach are or what really defines them as a coach. This is where H.A. Coaching & Academy will be at your side and help you discover your beautiful truth as a great coach.



You don’t need Coaching

Nobody needs coaching. But it serves everyone.
Coaching is a life-changing experience and I don’t know of anything like it, which holds the mirror in front of your eyes, looks into your soul, challenges your thoughts and reminds

you almost daily of your power and thereby allows you to live your dream.

join the

“Born to coach” – Universe


dive into it


Client Satisfaction

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Individual Guidance

What others experts say

As a coach, Hanna is 100% with the coachee, asks the right questions at the right time and is very appreciative and authentic.

She is like a surfer who always rides the right wave.
You can learn a lot about appreciation and depth from Hanna.

The connection she makes online is hard to find even in real life.

Richard Seidl
Berater, Coach & Speaker

Hanna is uncompromising in her desire to facilitate growth for the people around her. She shows commitment that is second to none and she loves leaning into her edge while taking her clients to places where they never imagined they could go.
I have had my coaching business for the past 7 years. Still, witnessing Hanna’s journey over the past 2 years or so and seeing her grow into the masterful coach she is today has been deeply inspiring to me!
Her commitment to excellent coaching and her fierce desire to crush any limitations make the coaches around her level up their game.

Jan Broders
Executive Life Coach, University Lecturer & Speaker

I had the honor to be coached by Hanna in the context of our international mastermind group of coaches in which we come together to learn from each other and to hone our craft. As I have received a lot of coaching in my life before, I can say with absolute certainty that Hanna is exceptional – she represents this rare combination of bubbly energy and transformative depth. Her coaching opened me on many levels and allowed me to process some long-held emotions. Her style of coaching is powerful, deep and effortless. Try it out and learn from her – you will walk away more inspired, more confident and ready to rise.

Kathrin Fox
Women Empowerment Coach & Soulbiz Strategist

Hanna is unique. Hanna hears between the lines of unsaid and at the same time she takes what is spoken unspeakably beautifully into words and magically combines it to create a new, often surprising perspective for the person with whom she is in contact at that moment. I believe that the world needs more people who allow themselves to be MORE than what their own system thinks they are allowed to be. The world needs more coaches who coach from the heart and uniquely, like Hanna does.

Sandra Ludwig
Intuitive Coach

Hanna has an antenna for things we can’t even imagine. Hanna has the gift of guiding her customers sensitively but surely on the right path. Hanna masters the art of creating a safe atmosphere for her clients.
From Hanna you can learn how to connect with clients on a higher level.
Hanna is a wonderful person and a fantastic coach. She encourages her clients to dive into areas that they would otherwise not have dared to go.

PR & Branding Coach