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Hanna Augenstein  Academy

H.A. Academy

Hanna helps powerful coaches to build their businesses from scratch.  She also guides you to be your best version of a coach and to stand out with what makes you special and magical. 

Some coaches already own a business but also have this deep feeling that they are not where they belong. And that it’s time to connect and create what is really true for them. 

Hanna is obsessed with increasing the number of confident, strong and galactic coaches on this planet. In her opinion we as humans are in charge of changing the world into a place where we act consciously and from a place of Love.

Hanna sees her coaching as a beautiful and unique Boutique. Instead of cheap fabric,  poor treatment and quantity over quality, Hanna opens up a space where you are seen as the precious Treasure you truly are. 

She offers you to carefully pick your very own, best qualities and beliefs. There is no space for old limiting beliefs and truths or for not owning the highest gift within yourself. 

By enrolling in her coaching you step into your very own high class Boutique to unleash the real YOU.

This Training is for extraordinary and bold women
It is a unique apprenticeship created for all women who already know “My passion is Coaching and I will do my best to serve, to listen and to grow”.
It is also for women who are already Coaches but feel a desire to be guided through a process that allows them to find their unique expression of it.
H.A. Academy is for all these beautiful women who want to embrace special support in reaching out to their clients, creating their dream target group as well as recognizing their special gift as a Coach.

Here is the ultimative “Boutique Check”

to see if this is for you

  • You would rather save some money by getting yourself this one special, high quality product instead of buying 10 different products for the least amount of money, made with cheap fabric and questionable manufacturing


  • When you walk  into a shop filled with tons of clothes you easily feel overwhelmed and/or uncomfortable. Instead you enjoy a calm, wide space with a nice selection of clothes.
  • Your fight or flight mode is easily activated by walking into a shop where a bunch of people run up to you to convince you of what to buy. But you also feel unseen and lost if you walk in and no one even acknowledges you. Instead you enjoy the feeling of being welcomed, and whenever you need  advice the Service Team is happy to serve you powerfully.


If you can tick all three boxes and feel a deep connection to anything else on this website, there’s a good chance that this is for you..

As Hanna is working only with a handful of clients, we entreat you to get it together and connect with her Team.

Before you can start your life-changing journey, you and Hanna find out together if you  are a perfect match as coach and coachee. 

If you have read all of this YOU are here because THIS is a space where you can grow.

If the feeling of excitement comes along with feeling scared I have good news for you:

THIS is the perfect mixture to change your life into what you truly deserve.

Hanna has created this powerful brochure

where you can read everything her Training provides.

Get in contact now.  Life is precious and we believe in You. 

I will be by your side no matter what.

I will not let you down and I will always see your power.

That’s for sure.

Before I started the Academy Training to become a Coach, I told myself so many never ending stories why things are how they are, why there’s drama, and why it must be difficult. And now there’s just peace. It‘s just me and who I am in truth, as a human being, a mother, a daughter, a sister and especially as a coach. 

When I look back, my life since I worked with Hanna has by far the most profound relevance. Since then, I have truly found myself, my truth, essence and soul.

You can fall into Hanna’s arms full of love and always feel carried, held and seen. No matter what is there. And with Hanna I have the certainty that she always challenges me when it serves me. And at the same time I know that it will never be more than I am ready to endure.  

It’s truly magical what miracles Hanna has created for me as a coach.

The intensity and process speed that I have experienced during my apprenticeship with Hanna are magical and this clearly sets her coaching apart from anything I have experienced with other coaches. The fact that Hanna is simply always there solves so much so quickly.

In order to be able to really integrate my topics into my everyday life and to be able to heal deeply, Hanna is indispensable for me. She is the muse who allows me to draw from everything, to be nourished and learn.

Sonja Beatrice

Intuitive Coach, Apprentice at Hanna Augenstein Academy

Many ways lead to success, but each one starts with a first step.

Nobody is born perfect. We all have our unique path towards our very own success.

I would be honored to take it with you.