About Me

Time to be more of what you already ARE.

Hanna is a trained and qualified Master Coach and has over 10 years of professional experience. Her approach is influenced by systemic counselling, “Len-Mantra” known as Ho’oponopono, “The Work”, K. Byron and a lot more. However her coaching is characterized by her very own  deep way of accompanying people. She has supported people in various life situations, including separation from a loved partner, attempting to reinvent oneself professionally, searching for a calling, feeling powerless in a partnership, experiencing stagnation after success at work, aiming to rediscover oneself, building a coaching business from scratch, and she has also guided coaches to their highest potential. 


She constantly puts herself through supervisions in order to ensure that she is always growing, and she does have her own personal coach for this. Hanna is a passionate, enchanting and inspiring soul, mother and wife. Her life journey challenged her to follow her heart despite the challenges and uncertainties that arose. It taught her to listen inside and trust her intuition. A path towards self-acceptance and love that encouraged her to not hide her “too much” body and soul anymore but instead to recognize the strength and beauty this quality brings along. A quality with so much potential for growth and self-fulfillment. Fully accepting this “too much”, passionate woman has allowed her to become a wonderful and successful Coach.


Hanna Augenstein

magical soulful Coach

Today, I allow being myself, because I serve everyone around me that way.

Are you ready to be more of yourself?

You don’t need Coaching

Nobody needs coaching. But it serves everyone.
Coaching is a life-changing experience and I don’t know of anything like it, which holds the mirror in front of your eyes, looks into your soul, challenges your thoughts and reminds you almost daily of your power and thereby allows you to live your dream.

but why you might still want to look into it…

How to Drop your Walls

Together we will go so deep to bring out the best in you.
In order to be successful it is super important that we can go deep, as deep as you may have never gone before.
Therefore it is necessary that you are ready to hear and do things that may never have crossed your mind before.

Master Silence & Intuition

In silence lies power and it will happen again and again that I ask you to go into silence. There is so much truth and wisdom hidden within it. When Silence has Space our Intuition can lead us powerfully to make the perfect decisions.

Coaching = Courage + Creativity

Coaching is about your present and your future. It is about moving into change.
To be creative and courageous is the key to your success.
Let’s rock it.