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Beautiful projects blossom from the core of a human’s soul like a flower you want to gift to a special someone to simply put a smile on their face.

.Such a project is Hanna’s Intuitive Talk on YouTube. She never knows what comes up. She speaks what wants to be said, felt and seen. Her Intuitive Talks are not proper TedTalks or anything like it.

Hanna is a very passionate person, who loves her profession.

 A profession that touches the core and essence of a human being, allowing them to reflect, understand and grow. In only a very short period of time Hanna was able to provide for her family simply by doing what she really really loves: Coaching & Mentoring.

Hanna is working with men and women, who are willing to go beyond their comfort zone in order to truly shine in their brightest light. She also coaches couples, who might have given up on their relationship and guides them back on a way of love, acceptance and forgiveness. On top of that Hanna offers a magical apprenticeship for Coaches themselves: “become a magical souldful Coach”. Hanna`s Coaches create certainty over belief and so they know why they do what they love and why they are freaking awesome Coaches.

Hanna Augenstein

Personal Empowerment Coach



Hey Beautie, do you have any other Question?

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Hey Beautie, do you have any other Question?

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You don't need Coaching

Nobody needs coaching. But it serves everyone.
Coaching is a life-changing experience and I don’t know of anything like it, which holds the mirror in front of your eyes, looks into your soul, challenges your thoughts and reminds you almost daily of your power and thereby allows you to live your dream.

but why you might still want to look into it...

How to Drop your Walls

Together we will go so deep to bring out the best in you.
In order to be successful it is super important that we can go deep, as deep as you may have never gone before.
Therefore it is necessary that you are ready to hear and do things that may never have crossed your mind before.

Master Silence & Intuition

In silence lies power and it will happen again and again that I ask you to go into silence. There is so much truth and wisdom hidden within it. When Silence has Space our Intuition can lead us powerfully to make the perfect decisions.

Coaching = Courage + Creativity

Coaching is about your present and your future. It is about moving into change.
To be creative and courageous is the key to your success.
Let’s rock it.