Hanna Augenstein

Create the life you


You are a gift to this world and deserve to be treated as such. Recognizing and honoring your true self, your beauty and talent is the first and most important step on this path.
Let me support and guide you on your wonderful and exciting journey towards bliss.


My Name is Hanna Augenstein.

With more than 9 years of Experience in Coaching, I guide my beautiful clients on their way and support them to step into their truth.

I work with men, women and couples who are thrilled and pulled by a deep inner Voice, sometimes without even knowing what this excitement is about.
I also work with Coaches who don’t know how to get to the next level or how to reach their dream clients.

I work with people who want to live their true power. Who want to commit to themselves even if it’s getting uncomfortable. And who are ready to hear things no one has ever said to them.

Are you ready?

My Mission

My Mission is to guide and support you on your own personal mission in life.

The first and most important step on this journey is to recognize and value your true and genuine individual self. By stepping into your truth, you allow your actions and your whole being to receive a new meaning and light.

I work with men and women as well as couples who are pursuing to find and regain this light in their life. Light that helps them to see, to understand and acknowledge. Light that allows them to shine and inspire.



1on1 Coaching

Sometimes you need to be seen by a special someone in order to see yourself. 

Hanna’s gift to you is to open this unknown and hidden door towards your heart and soul and then it is up to you to allow the magic to happen.

Become a Coach

Rise of a Phoenix
Like a phoenix rise from your ashes, your self-doubts and blockages and allow your inner fire to transform this negative space into a self-determined and inspiring path of love and light. A path to become the Coach you desire to be.


Speaking from deep within the heart, truthfully as well as passionately, is one of Hanna’s strongest qualities. She can catch anyone’s attention with her presence and spoken words – allowing her audience to feel inspired.

Let’s continue our conversation

During our journey I promise to serve you powerfully, but I also promise that I may not always please you.

This Journey is a high class, intense and life changing experience. Let´s check if You and Me are a 100% fit! We will know this after our first deep and powerful Session, where we connect trough breathing and the commitment to not hide anything- so I can truly see and feel you.

During this Journey we focus on your goals and also on the motivations behind them, because those are the most important aspects we need to go for.

I am by your Side, no matter what comes up!

Lets play!

Success Stories

1 Spot available

There is 1 free spot available per month for a powerful Coaching with me, where we can find out if we would love to work and create together. 

Apply now through WhatsApp or Email to save your spot on Hanna’s waiting list.

Exclusive Offerings

Walk your path with awareness and consciousness, keeping your eyes and ears open at all times
– you may feel invited to join and indulge in one of my special Offerings.

  • A very exclusive and intensive one on one 7 month apprenticeship
  • For inspiring/authentic Human Beings wishing to serve others powerfully
  • Hanna will supervise you to ensure you are in touch with your inner Coach
  • A chance to let go and plant new seeds together
  • Allow yourselves to be seen and heard by each other
  • Regain trust and love in yourself, your partner and your relationship